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Discover Lori Rugs: A Timeless Treasure at Wallingford Galleries in Seattle

Wallingford Galleries, Seattle's premier rug store, is excited to introduce you to the enchanting world of Lori rugs. These timeless treasures, originating from the Luristan region of Iran, have captivated rug enthusiasts for centuries. Known for their distinct design and durable craftsmanship, Lori rugs are the perfect addition to any home. Let's dive into the fascinating history and unique characteristics of these beautiful rugs and find out why you should consider adding a Lori rug to your collection.

A Brief History on Lori Rugs

Lori rugs have a rich history dating back to the nomadic tribes of Luristan, nestled in the Zagros Mountains of southwestern Iran. These tribal weavers have been perfecting their rug-making skills for generations, resulting in the exquisite designs and durability that set Lori rugs apart. As nomadic tribes, the Lurs would travel across the region, trading their rugs with neighboring tribes and towns, allowing the Lori rug's popularity to spread throughout Iran and beyond.

Design and Materials of a Lori Rug

Lori rugs are primarily made from high-quality wool, hand-spun by the weavers themselves. This results in a dense and sturdy pile that can withstand years of wear and tear. The wool's natural resilience also provides a soft and luxurious feel underfoot, making Lori rugs both comfortable and practical.

The design of Lori rugs is characterized by bold geometric patterns, with striking colors like deep reds, blues, and browns, often contrasted against a lighter background. These patterns may include diamond or zigzag motifs, stylized animals, and other tribal symbols. Each Lori rug is a unique piece of art, with the weaver's creativity and skills shining through in every stitch.

Why Purchase a Lori Rug from Wallingford Galleries:

Authenticity: At Wallingford Galleries, we pride ourselves on sourcing genuine Lori rugs.

Variety: We offer an extensive selection of Lori rugs in various colors, patterns, and sizes, making it easy to find the perfect piece to complement your home's decor.

Expertise: Our knowledgeable staff is always on hand to guide you through the process of choosing the right Lori rug for your needs. They can help you understand the differences between various rugs and share helpful tips on rug care and maintenance.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: At Wallingford Galleries, your satisfaction is our top priority.

Lori rugs are a truly captivating and timeless addition to any home. With their rich history, unique designs, and exceptional craftsmanship, these rugs are a testament to the skill and creativity of the Lori people. Visit Wallingford Galleries in Seattle today to explore our stunning collection of authentic Lori rugs and experience the beauty and charm of these remarkable pieces first-hand.